Cindy Ursell

Cindy Ursell

Website Health Specialist
[email protected]
+1 419.724.7334

“I genuinely care about our clients and their businesses, and I want to see them succeed,” said Cindy.

As our Website Health Specialist, Cindy oversees all of the websites and digital programs we manage to ensure they’re performing as well as possible. “That includes auditing all the sites on a monthly basis to see that they comply with ADA rules and other government-mandated regulations,” she said.

“I also run scans for proper meta information and other elements that contribute to each site’s SEO performance. We can check for user experience factors, too. Do the pages load quickly? Are all the links working? Is the most popular content easy to find? A website has a lot of moving parts and, especially if there are many people working on the site, it’s important that it’s reviewed regularly to maintain performance standards.”

Cindy is a 2003 graduate of the University of Toledo where she earned her degree in Broadcast Communications. She quickly turned her diploma into an on-air / promotions position at an area radio station.

In 2010, Cindy made a name for herself locally as a marketing and social media freelancer. “I was telling my clients’ stories one small message at a time,” she recalled. Returning to radio in 2012, she publicized major concerts, organized fundraising events, and created an annual business directory as a Promotions Director. She joined MadAveGroup in 2017.

Cindy is past president of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, as well as the former chair of the group’s marketing and event committees.

And what’s Cindy’s favorite part of her work? “I love learning about the successes our clients are having, and hearing testimonials about their services.” She says, “I don’t consider my work successful until our clients are.”