Olivia Berry

Olivia Berry

Olivia implements digital marketing strategies to build brand awareness and promote online engagement.

“Marketing isn’t only one aspect of your business plan or just a department of your company. It’s everything your company does,” says Olivia. “Marketing can take a million different forms, so it’s important to find the perfect marketing ‘recipe’ that produces the end results you want.”

She says that, from a digital perspective, that could mean anything from editing messaging to exploring brand-new channels.”

“When I start on a task, I always want to learn how it fits into the client’s marketing plan; how it’s going to help them meet their goals; what’s missing or what could be improved.”

A magna cum laude graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, Olivia earned her Bachelor’s in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. She has since earned various Google, Yelp, and Facebook certifications.

Olivia especially enjoys working with B2C clients. “That’s where social media and email marketing get fun,” she says. “The audiences tend to be easier to relate to, and the social channels are where consumers can be reached and influenced.”