Stefan Binion

Stefan studied anthropology at the University of Chicago and graduated with honors in 2018.

After becoming a TEFL-certified ESL instructor, he spent a year teaching high school English in Hunan Province, China. “Most of the 50 students in each class were beginners,” he said. “When working across a huge linguistic gap like that a message needs to be concise or it’ll be lost. It was basically a crash course in effective signaling.”

Before joining our team, Stefan served as a fellow with Midstory, a Toledo-based nonprofit media startup. His research explored the past, present and future of city planning, transportation and infrastructure in Northwest Ohio. Along with writing long-form essays and interview articles, Stefan created two hypertext adventure games set in historic Toledo locations. (You can play those games at and

“I’m interested in the stories that things tell and how people tell them. In a world of interesting stories, I like to analyze what makes one better and why? We’re confronting fundamental human questions with new tools. It’s definitely interesting.”

Outside work, Stefan enjoys reading about regional history, avoiding snakes in the Metroparks and rambling on about things no one cares about.