4 Best Practices for Creating Effective Display Ads

by Kara Koepfer, Digital Marketing Specialist
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Piquing a user’s interest enough to click your display ad and visit your website is the primary goal of all static image, animated and video display ads.

But, what’s the best way to attract attention without being dismissed as clickbait?

Here are a few good tips for grabbing your target audience’s attention and promoting engagement.

#1 Create an Appropriate Call-to-Action

A digital ad campaign encourages users to purchase a product, request more information or learn about your brand. A call-to-action (CTA) informs the user what they will see and what their next action will be once they click on your display ad.

Examples of CTAs include:

  • “Shop now”
  • “Browse our inventory”
  • “Take advantage of this offer”
  • “Subscribe to our newsletter”
  • “Request a quote”

A good CTA tempts users to pursue more information with the promise of a solution, action, interaction or information. Customizing your CTA to your industry makes a display ad stand out from the sea of “click here” visuals. Making the CTA a visible button provides your audience with more instruction and ease of use, encouraging users to visit the landing page linked to your digital ad. 

#2 Keep Ad Copy Short

A user typically views a display ad for just a few seconds, so keeping your ad copy brief is essential. Too much text can distract and negatively impact a user’s focus. Lots of text can also cause users to scroll away from your display ad, eliminating any opportunity for you to educate them about your offer.

It’s best to provide a short description of your product, business or offer followed by a concise CTA. Only include the most important details of your digital campaign in the ad that will support your goal in a short format.

#3 Follow Company Brand Guidelines

An effective marketing campaign requires you to follow brand guidelines, including that that apply to your:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Color palette
  • Font and text size
  • Images
  • Tone and language use

Maintaining consistent brand formatting in your display ads promotes brand recognition with audiences already acquainted with your company. It also creates a lasting impression on new visitors. It’s important to stay consistent with branding in display ads because it ensures the ads create a memorable experience for the viewer.

#4 Use Professional Imagery

The right photos or graphics enhance a display ad’s effectiveness by giving the audience a visual representation of what you’re offering. Imagery should also tie into the text of your display ad, providing the viewer with more detail. Examples of good images for display ads may include your products in use or services being completed.

Images should be professionally shot and feature a clear subject to give the ad an organized, detailed presentation. That proves to the audience that your company is experienced in what it does and provides a better viewing experience.

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