Who We Are

Why you need to know us.

We’re problem solvers. Idea people. Collaborators. Proactive partners. Ultimately, we work to connect you with people who want what you sell. The TouchStone Digital team includes experts with varied perspectives, professional backgrounds and digital marketing insight. Several come from the client side. A few have run their own agencies. One has been an educator. Another works in both account management and production. Those and other points of view allow us to bring more empathy and understanding to each step of the digital marketing process. As an agency of MadAveGroup, we have easy access to an entire team of marketing professionals and skill sets. That puts tremendous power behind your digital marketing efforts.


Supporting Agency Team Members

Jerry Brown | Chief Executive Officer
Scott Greggory | Chief Creative Officer
Valerie Likens | Executive Vice-President, Fulfillment
Terry Lesniewicz | Chief Brand Officer
Michael Seay | Director, design2influence
Steve Evert | Executive Vice-President, Operations
April Rietzke | Director, Marketing Management
Jon Marker | Director, SensoryMax
Victor Tehensky | VP, Business Development
Greg Stawicki | Design Director, d2i
Cassandra Evans | Senior Creative Consultant
Jacob Stutz | Videographer
Rob Heath | Videographer
Daniel DiManna | Creative Consultant
Jessie Walton | Jr. Designer
Caley Dennis | Creative Consultant
Gwen Hagen | Program Manager
Jessica Miller | Program Manager
Shaun Turner | Program Manager
Kara McGaharan | Program Manager
Bill Davis | Business Strategist
Lindsey Shannon | Account Support Coordinator
Andie Nowacki | Program Manager
Katie Schroeder | Program Manager

Our Clients

We are proud to work with: