Nathan Steinmetz

Nathan Steinmetz

Director of Digital Strategy
[email protected]
+1 419.724.7329

Nathan spent 12 years defining and directing the digital marketing strategy for the world-famous Toledo Mud Hens, the Triple A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

After the Hens management group took control of the Toledo Walleye hockey team in 2009, Nathan led their digital marketing as well. He then grew the social media followings for both clubs into the largest of any teams in their respective leagues.

As the company expanded, Nathan headed the online efforts for its other businesses, including restaurants, retail and entertainment venues.

His work has been acknowledged with several awards that affirm his expertise as a digital marketer.

“Before joining MadAveGroup, I spent my entire career on the client side,” said Nathan, “so I can definitely relate to the challenges that marketing directors face.”

Certifications Held by Nathan

Throughout his career, he held various roles in both business and agency settings, allowing him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry from multiple perspectives.

Nathan’s expertise lies in crafting effective digital strategies, executing targeted digital advertising campaigns, and leveraging IP targeting techniques to reach the right audience. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, Nathan excels at assisting clients in identifying areas of improvement and uncovering opportunities within their websites and marketing platforms.

His dedication to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive tangible results sets him apart in the ever-evolving digital landscape.