Josh Morrow

“I seek the ‘why’ in everything I do,” said Josh. “When approaching a challenge, I start with a deep, foundational understanding of the objective. I find this initial discovery phase to be the most interesting part of the creative process. Often, the most impactful ‘a-ha’ moments come from the most unexpected places.”

His diverse background includes working with remote-operation driving interfaces and industry-leading ecommerce websites, as well as UX, visual design and front- end development. All of that allows Josh to “bring a unique perspective into the arena of ideas.”

Josh earned his Associates of Applied Science degree with a focus on Graphic and Web Design from The Art Institute of Michigan.

His personal marketing philosophy: “I believe that less is more. The most elegant solutions to complex challenges are crafted when individual elements and components are utilized clearly and deliberately.”

Josh is competitive “in all things sporty.” His favorites include disc golf, sand volleyball, soccer and cornhole.

He’s also a board game hobbyist. “I have more than 100 games in my personal collection. And I’m currently designing a deck-building game as a passion project.”