Email Marketing Best Practices

by Cindy Ursell

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Email marketing provides a great opportunity to personalize content for target audience members. You can maximize your email campaign’s effectiveness and improve open and conversion rates with carefully curated content.

Targeting Your Recipients

Attracting lots of attention is good, but being precise with your targeting efforts will help you get the best return from your investment. Providing information, an incentive or a discount is an effective method to gauge a broad audience’s interest. And using double opt-in email subscriptions is a good way to target people who’ve already expressed interest.

It will take some trial and error to determine the right timing and frequency for your email campaigns. Defining the goal of your emails will help you decide when and how often to send them. Research indicates that sending one email per week provides the highest open and click-through rates.

Why Email Personalization Matters

Would you rather read an email that opens with “Dear customer” or an email with a personal greeting? Personalization helps your campaign stand out in a sea of content. Including the recipient’s name, location or information from previous interactions adds a personal touch that will leave a stronger impression than a standardized message.

You can add personalization to an email’s subject line, salutation, body text, images and closing. Audience segmenting allows you to personalize those elements based on a recipient’s persona, industry and interest.

Testing Your Content

Test your emails on multiple devices to ensure everything renders appropriately. Litmus is a tool that allows you to test multiple devices and email clients before you send your campaign to subscribers.

Be concise and honest with your subject lines. It only takes one misleading subject line to reduce your subscriptions. Use a free subject line tester to determine which works best. Vbout offers an A/B testing program that vets your options and sends the remaining emails with your winning subject line.

The dedicated team at TouchStone Digital will help you create an email marketing strategy to maximize your campaigns. Contact us, and we’ll help you get started.

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