Why SEO Is Important for Business Growth

by Evyn Stevens, Digital Marketing Specialist

Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important for Business Growth

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing practice that optimizes your online content and helps you get your brand in front of your target audience.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

It’s a set of techniques and practices designed to elevate your website’s visibility by adding relevant keywords to the written content to improve the quality of the user experience. SEO is centered around organic search results, which are the pages listed in search engine results pages (SERP) after you submit a query.

Search engine bots or crawlers review websites and generate the most relevant answer or information based on a user’s search phrase. Good SEO increases the likelihood of your website ranking higher on a SERP. It helps website crawlers quantify the value of your site so they can suggest it to the people who are interested in your content.

Top 5 Benefits of SEO for Your Business

A solid SEO strategy allows you to position your company as an expert and innovator in your industry.

#1: Increase Organic Website Traffic

Online businesses need to attract customers to generate leads and close sales. SEO is a tool designed to achieve that goal.

Roughly 75% of users don’t scroll past the first Google search results page, which is why it’s essential to implement keywords and phrases relevant to your industry, products and services. That increases the chance of your site ranking on the first SERP and receiving more organic search traffic.

#2: Improve Local SEO Presence

Search engines consider a user’s location when they submit a query. Local SEO optimizes content for location-specific searches, allowing you to rank higher on a SERP if a user searches for a product or service in a particular neighborhood, city or region.

Local optimizations can also increase your chance of appearing in Google’s Map Pack, which receives about 44% of all clicks. The Map Pack is a SERP section that displays the three most relevant local businesses based on a user’s search query.

#3: Build a Long-Term Strategy

SEO takes about three months to start gaining traction and producing results. Playing the long game may test your patience, but doing so develops your brand presence online even if there’s a change in your market or audience. You’ll continue to attract new visitors by consistently optimizing your website for organic traffic, regardless of how your industry changes.

#4: Enhance the User Experience

SEO improves the user experience by first requiring you to consider how potential customers would search for your products or services. Understanding search intent enables you to craft content that’s relevant to a user’s search query.

Google’s algorithm is designed to help online users find quality information to satisfy their search queries. The algorithm differentiates between content that’s specifically created for search engines and will rank it lower than content curated for human users.

#5: Stand Out from Your Competitors

It takes more than a good product or service to outpace competitors. Users must be able to find your website. An effective SEO strategy can prioritize your content for search engines. Providing valuable information also helps establish trust with your customers and can highlight your expertise as a leader in your industry.

Find a Dedicated Team of SEO Experts

SEO is a complex digital marketing technique that requires research and monitoring. A successful strategy can increase web traffic, improve leads and boost sales. The team of digital marketing experts at TouchStone Digital specializes in SEO implementation and has the resources to commit time and energy to your success.

Let’s work together to optimize your website so you can reach your target audience and your goals. Call 419-299-9000 or send us an email to schedule a meeting.

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