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AHAS is an audiology practice with six locations in northern New Jersey. We began working with the company in 2013.

The results below are from August 2019 through August 2020, compared to results from July 2018 through July 2019.

Utilizing Google My Business and Google Search Console to ensure distribution and categorizing of blog articles, we increased organic traffic to the website by


By regularly monitoring the website’s meta descriptions and tags, page speeds and mobile friendliness, and making corrections to help bots scan the site, we boosted the website’s ranking to the top three results on Google.

We increased keyword-rich content on the website which pushed the site to the top three search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


All the client’s desired keywords were not ranking in the top three spots on Google.


After developing an SEO strategy, we added and revised content and keywords to improve the website’s search engine performance.